• White Wines

      Sold by the Glass or Bottle

    • Moscato



      Tastes of peach and apricots while sweet with a refreshing crisp

    • White Zinfandel (Coastal Vines)

      White Zinfandel (Coastal Vines)


      Tastes of strawberry and cherry with a crisp and sweet finish

    • Prosecco



      Sparkling with taste of peach and almond

    • Pinot Grigio (Coastal Vines)

      Pinot Grigio (Coastal Vines)


      Taste of citrus and honeysuckle, slight sweetness with little dryness

    • Italian Pinot Grigio (Carletto) 👍

      Italian Pinot Grigio (Carletto) 👍


      Dry, less sweet with an apple and pear finish

    • Chardonnay (Coastal Vines)

      Chardonnay (Coastal Vines)


      Taste of honey, vanilla, and fruit with a medium dryness

    • Riesling (J Lohr)

      Riesling (J Lohr)


      Tastes of honeysuckle, lychee, ripe pear, and Meyer lemon, slight sweetness

    • Sauvignon Blanc (J Lohr)

      Sauvignon Blanc (J Lohr)


      Tastes of key lime, grapefruit, and sweet herbs with a lively acidity, crisp and balanced finish.

    • Red Wines

      Sold by the Glass or Bottle

    • 1896 Foppiano Red Blend

      1896 Foppiano Red Blend


      Californian red blend with notes of dark plum, blackberries, blueberries, and cinnamon. Balanced acidity with lingering fruit finish.

    • CA’ de’ ROCCHI Dugal (Italian Blend) 👌👍

      CA’ de’ ROCCHI Dugal (Italian Blend) 👌👍


      Tastes of red berry fruit with a light spicy fruit. Smooth, full bodied, velvety, with persistent finish

    • J Lohr Cabernet

      J Lohr Cabernet


      Californian with notes of black currant, elderberry, lilac, and pepper. Bright and red fruit forward.

    • Merlot (J Lohr)

      Merlot (J Lohr)


      Smooth with aromas of black plum, violet meld, with a nice fruit finish

    • Montepulciano Carletto

      Montepulciano Carletto


      Tastes and bold aromas of cherries and spices

    • Riunite Lambrusco

      Riunite Lambrusco


      Sweet, carbonated, served chilled

    • Cabernet Sauvignon (Coastal Vines)

      Cabernet Sauvignon (Coastal Vines)


      Taste of berries, plums, and vanilla with a smooth fruity finish

    • Sangiovese Banfi

      Sangiovese Banfi


      Light but rich with soft tannins, black cherries, and fruit

    • Chianti Classico Banfi

      Chianti Classico Banfi


      Tastes of cherry, leather, with supple tannins and good acidity

    • Malbec Kilka (Argentina)

      Malbec Kilka (Argentina)


      Tastes of plums, blackberries, violets with balanced acidity, soft tannins, and strong fruit finish

    • Pinot Noir (J Lohr)

      Pinot Noir (J Lohr)


      Tastes of wild strawberry, sage, rhubarb, camphor with a dried cherry finish

    • Montepulciano Cantina Zaccagnini

      Montepulciano Cantina Zaccagnini


      Tastes of plum, blackberries, leather, and black pepper with a supple finish. Also known as “stick wine”

    • Super Tuscan Belnero

      Super Tuscan Belnero


      Tastes of plum and blackberry with hints of vanilla, coffee and tobacco. Powerful but soft structure, sweet and elegant tannins, with a long and persistent finish

    • Brunello di Montalcino 1995 (Limited)


      Tastes of black plum, leather, menthol, oak, and anise with bitter chocolate notes